State of the Face: Natura Bisse Oxygen Line

I’m pretty particular when it comes to my skincare regimen (the challenge of being a beauty blogger: trying to maintain clear skin!). I’ve sampled my fair share of products and while many come and go as often as my manicures, I’ve found a keeper in Natura Bisse’s Oxygen collection. Here’s why you need it: oxygen is an essential element when it comes to prolonging healthy skin and with this line of product, hydrogen peroxide is an active ingredient to help skin look purified, hydrated and luminous. But here’s why you’ll love it: the texture of the cream makes it easy to massage into skin, leaving you face and body feeling uber hydrated and balanced, not to mention an overall even skin tone appearance before you apply all that gloss and dirt. I tried the body cream and facial cream found myself steadily incorporating it in to my daily routine and now, I can’t seem to go a day without it… just like oxygen.

Natura Bisse Oxygen Line, $38-$145;