Nailstagram with Meredith Fineman

While I’m relaxing on the Ft. Lauderdale beach (covered in SPF 100 of course), this week’s posts on PoP are brought to you by some of my favorite DC bloggers. Who better to write today’s Mani Monday series than Meredith Fineman? The CEO of FinePoint Digital PRWriter and Founder/Editor of Girls Aren’t Funny & TheFFJD, talks about her nailspiration and a glimpse into DIY manis. 

“Nails for me are a great creative outlet. I got my first manicure with my grandmother and mother, and I got neon green. Not a lot has changed, apparently. I think your hands are a great way to express yourself. For me – I’m always writing and using my hands, so I prefer that they look fun. I’m lucky in that being an entrepreneur allows me to have anchors and tuxedos and such – although I think that the idea of “professional” nails is pretty silly and outdated. It’s sort of a stigma in certain industries, like a tattoo. Changing the world, one ring-finger at a time!

I usually paint my own nails and love DIY. I love Mimosa Salon in DC and splurge for gel manicures, which I can’t do myself. I’ll use pull up pictures of designs I want on my phone and show it to the manicurist, who looks at me with a combination of confusion and judgment. I love that.”

Swearing like a sailor.
White House Correspondents Dinner Black Tie
Toka Salon Green
Some DIY