ModelCo Cheek and Lip Tint

cheek and lip tintI have a hard time packing light (I kid you not, my handbag weighs close to the amount of an infant). I constantly play eenie meenie miny moe with my stash of products, based on what I’ll want to have on me for touch ups. I have really pale skin (like Casper white) so I heavily depend on a cheeky rosy glow, and ModelCo Cheek and Lip Tint does just that. The dual purpose formula looks and feels like a gel that leaves a sheer, lightweight flushed look. When I first tried it, I used it sparingly (in fear that I’d look like a clown), and it actually left a perfect rosy finish. Once you apply the cheek and lip tint, you’ll want to blend immediately as the formula dries rather quickly. The rosy red hue translates even better on my lips (I prefer layering under my favorite gloss), making it a makeup bag staple and perfect for travel.

ModelCo Cheek and Lips, $24;