Link Love: Problems Every Pale Girl Faces

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Earlier this week I was on a roll with writing and scheduling posts and then by Wednesday, I was burnt out. Sorry for the lack of posts, ladies! While I get a head start on next week’s posts, here’s a round up of my favorite links from this week. And as always, would love to hear if you found anything interesting on the web this week! Leave a link in the comments below.

I was scrolling on Pinterest when I stumbled upon this headline: 20 Problems Every Pale Girl Faces. I deal with #2 on a regular basis.

Check out this round-up of Glitter Guide’s editors’ favorite summer meals. I guess salad was a popular choice. My pick is on slide 5. Kind of wishing I had said my favorite summer meal is a hot dog and beer.

After reading about this new nail polish discovery on 312 Beauty, I think I need to make a splurge purchase this weekend and try it for myself!

I’ve always struggled with proper proportions when it comes to beauty servings of moisturizer, eye cream, conditioner, etc. so this graphic I found on Pinterest has been super helpful.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend!