Life Updates

I’m a firm believer that bad (and good) things happen in threes.

It started last week, before my trip to The Blog Societies Conference (what I also refer to as TBSCon), when I went to my first Orangetheory Fitness class as part of my membership and I strained a muscle in my back while working out on the floor. It immediately started hurting after this core/arm exercise. This happened a week ago Sunday.

Then, on Wednesday morning, I was laid off from my full-time job. Another blindside I guess you could say. The pain I felt in my back from the workout was still sore but this news hurt me other ways.

The last and only time I’ve been laid off before was when I was 23. I had just started blogging and I was working for a swanky lifestyle magazine in DC. When I look back then, I thought my world had crumbled before my eyes because I genuinely loved my job. I didn’t make much, but I loved the people I worked with and my day-to-day responsibilities.

This time felt different.

I’m not exactly upset or even sad about losing the job I had… just the paycheck. I guess you can say I’m a slave to money? Or a nice lifestyle. Or maybe, I was more mentally prepared to handle this the second time around because of what I went through in 2012.

If you’re fairly new to this blog or in case you forgot, this blog is my side hustle. I work full-time in marketing. In some ways I wish blogging was my full-time gig but it’s an oversaturated market and this little blog can barely pay my cell phone bill each month.

Now, for the third bad thing to happen to me this week: As you read I was let go from my job last Wednesday and on Thursday I was leaving for TBSCon which was taking place in Atlanta this year.

My flight was at 12:45 p.m. When I arrived at the gate it was already delayed by 15 minutes. No big deal. I didn’t have plans until 5:30 p.m. to meet up with my blogger friends for dinner before the conference “Welcome Party” at 7.

The pilot promised touch down in Atlanta at 2:40 p.m., my scheduled arrival time… except that never happened. Three circles in the air and a detour to Greenville, SC airport (basically 4 HOURS LATER), we didn’t arrive in Atlanta until 7:50 p.m. By the time I got my checked luggage and I made it to the Uber/Lyft pick-up zone (which seemed like miles and miles away from the airport) it was 8:50 p.m. By the time I made it to The Avalon Hotel in Alpharetta it was 9:40 p.m. What I thought would be a “quick trip” turned in to a 8 hour ordeal and I missed the first part of TBSCon.

I was so hungry and stupidly did not eat dinner when we were stuck in Greenville for 2.5 hours (due to severe weather conditions in Atlanta). The staff kept telling us to “stay close to the gate” so we could board quickly if we needed to. Chick-Fil-A was on my mind, no doubt. But it was somewhat far away from the gate and I kept thinking we would board at any moment.

By the time I checked into my room at the hotel, I was starving and it was after 10 p.m. I didn’t know the area or if anything was open so I felt compelled to order room service. I felt so guilty ordering room service after getting laid off this week that I called my husband to get his approval before I ordered a Hanger steak with fries.

At the end of the day, I’m glad I made it in late Thursday night and didn’t have to stay the night in Greenville but at the same time, severely disappointed in missing dinner with girl friends and the Welcome Party of TBSCon. I paid for my ticket to the blog conference and it wasn’t cheap. Every dollar counts and that Welcome Party was definitely part of the ticket price (and boy did I need a glass of wine that night!).

From that point forward, things started to pick up. Granted, my back still hurts and I’m still unemployed but I’m hoping that changes soon. TBSCon could not have come at a better time. It was the best distraction from all the terrible things that happened to me this week.

So that’s a little life update for you. I’ll be posting my recap on TBSCon soon. In the meantime, leave your well wishes (or job leads) in the comments section.