Laneige Skincare Review: Sleeping Masks, Glowy Makeup Serum & Lip Balm

Laneige Skincare Review: Cica Sleeping Mask, Glowy Makeup Serum, Lip Glowy Balm featured by top DC beauty blogger, The Beauty Minimalist

It’s been a while since my last skincare post. I’m excited to share with you my Laneige skincare review. I recently hauled a few products during their site wide sale a few weeks ago. I’m determined to come out of this stay-at-home order with healthy looking skin.

Laneige is a Korean cosmetics brand (launched by Amore Pacific). The brand’s website touts the product line specializing in “water science” to address skin concerns. The brand utilizes two key ingredients: Hydro Ionized Mineral Water, which offers quicker and deeper absorption and Mint Water, which is supposed to reduce excessive sebum.

What I like about this particular brand is the price point (everything I tried is under $35). It’s not overpriced and you definitely get a lot of product for what you pay for. I recently hauled a few skincare items from the brand and wanted to share my thoughts a couple overnight masks, lip balm, and a makeup serum primer.

Laneige Skincare Review

Glowy Makeup Serum

Ok, I have a few thoughts on this product. Glass-like skin is a new beauty trend and I feel like these priming oils/serums are the new must-have beauty product. The Glowy Makeup Serum promises a glowy and smooth complexion that you can wear under makeup. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and has just the right amount of formula to give you a healthy, glowing complexion without looking like a complete greaseball. Personally, I still prefer my Glossier FutureDew but that formula is much thicker. I’ve worn this under my Perfecting Skin Tint and Light Wonder Foundation and both paired nicely with this. I would avoid using an oil-free foundation though.

Lip Glowy Balm

I purchased the Glowy Balm in Pear last year and loved the scent but I felt somewhat incomplete if I didn’t own the original flavor, berry. My lip sleeping mask is in the original flavor so I knew I would enjoy it for a daytime balm/gloss. I know it’s marketed as a balm but to me it’s a lightweight gloss with just the slightest pink tint.

Lip Sleeping Mask

I actually purchased this during the last Sephora sale but I wanted to include it in this post because this is one of my favorite products ever! I’ve mentioned this a few times on my blog and so it’s no surprise that it’s one of my favorite products from the brand. It comes with a tiny brush so you can scoop out product and not have to stick your fingers in the jar. When I wake up in the morning, my lips look smooth and healthy. The perfect canvas for applying any lip color.

Cica Sleeping Mask

Overnight masks are so much easier than a traditional mask, in my opinion. I love that this mask doesn’t have a scent. As someone with dry skin and sensitivity concerns, I found this mask to be extremely hydrating and plumping for my skin. I alternate between this mask and the Water Sleeping Gel. If you have a similar skin type or need help managing redness, I think this is worth trying.

Water Sleeping Mask

I received a free 10ml deluxe sample when I placed my order. It’s a purifying and moisturizing overnight mask (using Hydro Ionized Mineral Water). I find it to be similar in texture to the Cica Mask, except the formula feels lighter and less heavy. I’d like to purchase the full-size version of this mask but I’m going to get the most out of my sample before purchasing.

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