Jane Multi-Colored Color Correcting Powder

Jane color correcting powderThis blog (and my life) has been a bit off balance (moving is so overwhelming), and usually stressful personal situations yield many skin dilemmas. Luckily, my complexion is in check thanks to Jane’s Multi-Colored Color Correcting Powder, a perfect swirl of spring shades to help control shine and neutralize any red or blotchy spots. Aside from the fact that this palette is the perfect spring pick-me-up, here’s what each shade does: peach and pink help brighten complexion, green reduces redness and purple perks up yellow undertones. Every now and then I wake up with mild redness on my nose and forehead so this lightweight powder is a quick fix and something I can stash in my purse for on-the-go touch-ups as well.

Jane Multi-Colored Color Correcting Powder, $12