How to Manage Frizzy Hair in Humid Weather

How to manage frizzy hair in humid weather - Politics of PrettyEvery summer I go to battle with the DC region’s awful humidity. In the past, humidity always won. But over the last couple of summers, I’ve mastered a formula — by combining the right products and the right tools, in conjunction with a couple home remedies– to help manage my frizzy hair in humid weather.

Before I dive into the tips and tricks of mastering soft and smooth tresses, I need to clarify one thing. There is no such thing as eliminating frizz. I accepted that a long time ago. But there are ways to manage it. Emphasize manage. Here is how to manage frizzy hair in humid weather.


Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame is my savior during the summer months. The leave-in smoothing control cream is ideal for those with coarse hair and works in medium to high humidity. I first discovered this product from a former hairstylist I used to see that would use it on my tresses. I highly recommend getting the travel-size version if you don’t want to commit to the $22 price point.

I keep L’Oreal Lock It Weather Control Hairspray handy during summer rainy days. There’s nothing worse than using my flat iron only to walk outside to high humidity on a rainy day. Usually if I mist this all over, it keeps flyaways to a minimum.

My naturally straight hair tends to get weighed down with most oils but my hair effectively absorbs this Moroccanoil Treatment instead of staying on the surface. It can be used for conditioning, styling and finishing. A little goes a long way!

Keeping hair sleek and shiny also requires a deep conditioning treatment once a week. It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask is reasonably priced and extremely effective. Apricot kernel oil is definitely the hero ingredient in my book as it prevents moisture loss and repairs dry hair and scalp.


A wide-tooth comb is my go-to for detangling and preventing breakage. Applying with a dry brush can create puffiness that you don’t necessarily want in the summer. Here’s another tip: keep a wide-toothed comb in the shower and use after you’ve conditioned, then rinse. It will smooth the way for when your hair is dry.

Towel-drying your hair is like an open invite for frizz and static. Instead of using some regular old towel, this microfiber towel from DevaCurl is the best alternative. The microfiber fabric is gentle on tresses (even curls) to help manage frizz, plus the towel is super soft.

I’m addicted to blow drying my hair and it’s a bad habit I desperately need to break. But managing frizz is so much easier when I blow dry, especially when I use this Ceramic + Ion Thermal Hairbrush. It comes 7 different barrel sizes. I like to use the 1-3/4 size because I find it to be the easiest to handle while blow drying. The vented ceramic barrel also helps prevent static hair too (which is a must-have during the winter months)!

Home Remedies

Whether you’re on a budget or need some extra “hair insurance,” here’s how to manage frizzy hair in humid weather with a couple home remedies:

The Easy Peasy Cold Rinse: This one is pretty straightforward. Rinse your hair with cold water. With extremely hot summer days in full force, a cooler rinse after washing will help close the hair cuticles, which makes it less susceptible to frizz.

The DIY Avocado & Olive Oil Mask: Consider this a natural conditioner for your hair– avocado and olive oil are packed with fatty acids to help manage frizzy hair. Mash up one avocado and add a splash of olive oil, whipping the two together. After shampooing your hair, apply the mask to your hair from root to tip. Let sit for 30 minutes or so and then rinse thoroughly.

You can shop my favorite frizz-fighting products below!

Do you have more tips on how to manage frizzy hair in humid weather?