Happy New Year & 2015 Beauty Resolutions

Life is like riding a bicycle

Happy New Year, beauties! Another year has flown by and I am ready to start fresh. 2014 had its highs and lows but perhaps the highlight of my year, and the one thing I’ll remember forever, was getting engaged to the love of my life last March. Now I can officially say I’m getting married this year!

I’ve done this type of post for two years now and I love re-visiting old resolutions and seeing if I followed through or not. So with that friends, here’s an update to my 2014 resolutions and a look at my top five 2015 beauty resolutions.

1. Take a makeup artistry class (or two).

Complete fail. The closest I’ve come to this resolution was getting tips from my local beauty shop.

2. Moisturize every. single. day.

Win! I’m very loyal to my Olay Fresh Effects {Dew Over!} Hydrating Gel Moisturizer.

3. Explore and incorporate more all natural and vegan beauty products in to my makeup routine.

I’ve definitely incorporated more all natural beauty products in my routine. Tata Harper is a favorite!

4. Carry less products in my purse (I overpack on a daily basis).

I’ve been much better about this. I keep a small cosmetic case with lip balm, gloss and liner for quick touch-ups.

5. Stop chipping my nail polish two days after I apply it. Bad beauty habit!

Considering chipped nail polish has become a pet peeve of mine, I would say I’ve been pretty good about this—well, almost. As I type this post I’m looking at chipped nail art. Yikes.

6. Find my *perfect red* lipstick.

I think I overthought this resolution. My perfect red lipstick was on my vanity all along and its NARS in Jungle Red.

7. Go Julianne Moore red. Right now on the spectrum, I’m at Amy Adams red.

Success! Going brighter has certainly upped my confidence as well. No regrets!

Here are my beauty resolutions for 2015 

1. Let’s try this again: take a makeup artistry class.

2. Take my vitamins.

3. Give my brows more love and attention. Hey now, it’s easy to forget when you’ve got bangs.

4. Find my signature scent.

5. Eat healthy. Be healthy. I don’t do “diets,” but since I’ve started working out three to four times a week, it’s really important I cut out processed foods and sugar.

I’d love to know what you plan to resolve in 2015 (beauty or otherwise)! Leave them in the comments.

Photo found via Tumblr