In Hairstyles We Trust: Victoria’s Secret Hair (You Know, Sexy Tousled Curls)

OK, who didn’t watch the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night? For some it’s a reminder to keep going to the gym. But we’re not gonna go there today. I love my body and watching this show only inspires to buy (some) of the good music they play during the show and add some very sexy little things to my Christmas list (ahem, boyfriend are you reading this?). Oh, and then wonder how they get their hair and makeup look utterly PERFECT. Among the bevy of gift guide pitches, horrible holiday press releases and other nonsense in my blog inbox, I received an email from a little PR birdie at Victoria’s Secret divulging some serious HAIR SECRETS.  Here’s how to get the look:

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Beauty

Step 1

Apply VS So Sexy Style Body & Hold Volumizing Mousse from roots to ends of damp hair.  Section the hair and dry using the ghd Air™ Professional Performance Hairdryer and a ghd Round Brush.

Step 2

Starting at the nape, take a horizontal section of the hair and mist with VS So Sexy Style Hold & Finish Hairspray. Place two fingers at the root of the hair and wrap the hair around, tucking in the ends to create a pin curl around the fingers.

Step 3

Once the section is wrapped, gently remove your fingers.  Close the ghd tri-zone styler onto the pin curl, hold for about 5 seconds, letting the heat do its work, then remove the styler and pin.

Step 4

Repeat this technique through the hair.  Keep fingers straight at all times when wrapping the hair.

Step 5

Once cooled, release the curls from the pins.  To finish, mist hair with VS So Sexy Style Clean & Go Dry Shampoo or VS So Sexy Style Hold & Finish Hairspray, depending upon your hair texture or the amount of volume you want to create.  Use your hands, or a brush, to create your desired finish.