Editor’s Picks: Top Five Beauty Apps

Beauty Apps

For product junkies like myself, we need the latest makeup and hair products… like, yesterday. Aside from my usual go-to social media apps like Twitter and Instagram, my iPhone has quickly filled up with on-the-go beauty apps that make browsing for products so easy, not to mention interactive. There’s just something really fun about virtual makeovers.  Here, I’ve rounded up five of my favorite beauty apps right now for your downloading pleasure. So without further adieu… tech meet beauty, beauty meet tech.

  1. Whether I’m browsing for a new product or on the hunt for a video tutorial, Sephora Beauty Insider is the epitome of the beauty apps experience.
  2. InStyle Hair Try-On is your virtual gateway to trying out celebrity hairstyles using auto-detect face-shape technology. Basically, I use this when I want to see what I look like with Blake Lively’s hair.
  3. Rather than trying to match a bottle of polish to your nails, OPI brings you their massive collection of nail hues right at your (virtual) fingertips.
  4. One of my favorite brands, Stila Cosmetics, has the app Color Me Stila, that allows beauty shoppers to upload a photo of themselves and test the many shades and products of Stila.
  5. From cleansers to shampoos, the GoodGuide app that reveals which products are safe, healthy, green and socially responsible while you shop. It’s like having an eco-genius expert right at your fingertips!

Have a favorite beauty app that I didn’t mention? Feel free to share in the comments section!