Victoria’s Secret Coconut Oil Body Wash

Victoria's Secret Coconut Oil Silkening Body WashYou’d think I have quite the selection of bath and body products but believe it or not, I’ve always stuck to some seasonal drugstore buy (depending on my needs). That is until Victoria’s Secret gifted me with its new Twice as Fresh Coconut Oil Body Wash. A dual-phase body wash, blending gentle foaming cleansers with coconut oil, this pink and white bottle made me a VS body wash convert.

It consists of a sweet and subtle coconut scent, mixed with a clean, fresh afterthought that makes it so easy to only want more.  I tend to suffer from dry, itchy skin, especially in the winter and in between seasons, and this body wash was a complete pick-me-up for my body. Forget any oily residue, as it leaves skin feeling ultra soft and smooth, not to mention makes you feel like a super model (but then again, what product of theirs doesn’t?)

Victoria’s Secret Twice as Fresh Silkening Body Wash, $14;