Brittney’s Beauty Picks

Politics of Pretty’s multicultural beauty writer, Brittney, shares her top five beauty favorites.

Brittney's Picks


1. Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Hair Masque, $9.99
I love this product for it’s quality and price point. The shea butter component locks in moisture and feels restorative. It’s one of those drug store gems that I’m reluctant to share information about, I feel that lucky that I discovered this hair masque!

2. American Apparel Opaque Polish in The Valley, $6
February is always a weird time of year for me, I’m anxious for spring but in the spirit of following traditional beauty etiquette, I hold off on popping out the pastels and bold colors, but this is a nice go-between. It’s an opaque color that is warmer than winter shades and still too “cool” for spring.

3. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Scrub, $65
I’m a huge Fresh fanatic (so much so that another Fresh product made this list), this polish is one of their original products. It’s a great all purpose scrub as it includes brown sugar for buffing and refined oils like almond and jojoba for moisture.

4. Fresh Citron de Vigne Fragrance, $38-$80
Heavy florals and musks typically remind me of my grandmother’s perfumes that come with a matching “scented body power” (can we say old school?), so this more modern, citrus and champagne inspired scent is my favorite. It lives up to it’s name and has that beloved “out the shower” smell.

5. NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Amsterdam, $26
Finding a red lip that works feels like winning the lottery. This is my year-round hue that straddles a fabulous line between deep and bright red. A plus is the matte attribute which feels a bit vintage.


Written by Brittney Roberson