The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

tea-tree-oil_lIt’s inevitable—I always break out right before or after Aunt Dottie comes to visit and while I pray for clear skin, I always prepare for war. Instead of being armed with a bevy of acne products, my weapon of choice is one tiny bottle of all-natural oil that works wonders: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil. Forget expensive anti-blemish products—this oil has been my go-to spot treatment that quickly clears pesky pimples without drying out the skin or using harsh ingredients. At first sniff it doesn’t smell very appealing but over time I’ve gotten used to it and I’ve even grown to like it. Simply apply a small amount directly on to blemishes using your fingertip or a clean cotton wool bud. Within a few days the blemish is gone (and I’m being generous here, I’ve seen results in just one or two days). Bottom line—this is one skin clearing oil worth keeping on the top shelf of your beauty cabinet. Check out more of my favorite Tea Tree beauty products here on Glitter Guide.