Bobbi Brown Skin Smoothing Pore Perfector

Bobbi Brown Pore Perfector Review - Politics of Pretty
If only I could apply photo app filters to my complexion in real life. I have large pores on the sides of my nose and upper cheeks. I’ve learned over time, no product is going to minimize my pore size for good but if a product can trick even yourself in to thinking you have smaller pores, you’re in good shape. Bobbi Brown Skin Smoothing Pore Perfector is the best trick I’ve found for minimizing my pore size. This lightweight formula has a creamy white liquid application and a soft powdery finish after blending. This instantly blurs the complexion and also works as a primer for foundation. I’ve been applying this after my morning skin routine and before my tinted moisturizer. I only apply this on target areas, rather than my whole face and usually wait a few minutes to let it absorb. If you have dry skin, I’m not sure this is the right product for you but if you have combination to oily skin, your skin will feel silky smooth. Sure, there are tons of photo apps that blur your imperfections online but this product is the real life deal.

As a beauty ambassador for Neiman Marcus, they provided me with a complimentary sample for review purposes.