A Blogger’s Manifesto

This is what writer’s block looks like: ________. Exactly. I spent way too much stressing about what to write about for today rather than just writing. I can’t help it. I’m a magazine writer turned blogger so I treat this like a well-versed digital glossy. While I like to strive for blog post perfection, I have moments like this where I can’t seem to properly put together a cohesive write-up about my favorite moisturizers or why you need to apply mascara before liner, etc. (that or I just didn’t have the time to take photos/create artwork).

Then I stumbled upon this on Pinterest…

blog inspiration

I couldn’t of said it better and with that, I thought I’d take this time to ask you, dear readers, what you would like me to blogging more about. Have a favorite skincare product I need to try? Need some advice on shopping for primers? Looking for easy hair tutorial ideas? I would love to hear your thoughts, raves, rants and reviews. Leave a comment below, as I’m all ears!