Caldrea Aromatherapeutic Body Products

Caldrea Aromatherapeutic Body

It’s not even hump day and I’m already burnt out from this week. So I find it fitting after one bad case of the Mondays, to spotlight leading beauty and wellness company Caldrea, and their new aromatherapeutic body products. Just taking a few minutes to myself to sample and sniff the new line was soothing enough to make me want to hit the sack early (of course, a blog post had to ensue).

The trio of debut scents includes: aloe water apricot (a light sensual white wood and musky scent with a hint of floral), tea olive lime (a fresh citrus with a wink of intrigue), and coconut fig leaf (an exotic and mysterious scent).

I’m pretty picky when it comes to fragrances but I couldn’t stop doing the merry-go-round of twisting each cap off to smell each scent. Tea olive lime and aloe water apricot were green and floral fragrances that immediately had me day dreaming about warm weather, spring blossoms and birds chirping; but what I was most drawn to was the coconut fig leaf, described as exotic and unexpected (and rightfully so), combining the fruity spice of fig and green coconut.

Packaged in pretty pastel hues, this spring collection offers a variety of product options (bars of soap, body wash, perfume, and oils, to name a few), not to mention each is crafted using all natural based ingredients that’s elegant and wearable for any daily routine.

Caldrea Aromatherapeutic Body, $10-$28;