AM to PM with Barre Instructor Amy Barnes

“It is all about balance. Like my workout, I approach beauty with balance. I shower in the morning with Aveeno Body Wash (for sensitive skin). It’s soothing to my skin and leaves no residue. I mix up my shampoo and conditioner to give my hair what it needs when it needs to create build-up. I only condition my hair with Aveeno Volumizing when it’s dry and Purology Shampoo when it’s oily. Essentially, I try to create a balance to my regiment as I do with my skin care. Because my skin is a combination, I try to find an active foaming face wash such as iS Clinical Cleansing Complexand use their Active Serum.  Serums are all the rage right now and there is a reason why. A serum contains a specific combination of vitamins, active ingredients, and antioxidants that fight signs of aging all day. I recently learned that the delicate application of both face wash and serums is key to its ability to produce results. So I gently wash my face for a minute or longer in a counterclockwise motion and apply the serum immediately after while the skin is still moist with my fingertips. After the serum absorbs, I apply a vitamin C day lotion by Skin Relief ($5 at Sally Beauty’s Supply) that promotes collagen growth. I do this every morning and add a vitamin A serum by Environ to exfoliate and Skin Relief’s vitamin C night cream to firm my skin overnight.

My must-have is Mica Bella makeup. It is completely simple, natural, and easy! It has great coverage for a powder and the best eye shadows. A loose powder is all about the brushes, so go for quality and softness. I still get the best haircut and color back homein Louisville, KY. The nail salon I like the most is Queen Nails in Dupont Circle—best pedicures around.”

Amy’s Skincare Tips: “Be gentle and wash your face an hour before bed. Oh, and get some sleep, which I’m still working on. Always groom your eyebrows and pluck everyday. Your eyes are the windows of your soul, but the eyebrows frame it. Or, if I am slacking, I only thread my eyebrows, no more wax! If oily use a foam cleanser usually best for Spring/Summer. Use a cream cleanser for Fall/Winter. My facialist says to not apply pressure when washing the skin and avoid long hot showers. The pressure will overstimulate the pores’ oil production and could clog those pores and lead to breakouts. The hot water strips the skin of its natural oils. For a girl with combination skin and lots of stress, facials with a gentle peel help immensely.

Amy Barnes is a barre teacher at B Fit and is opening her own studio, Barre Code, in Del Ray this summer.