All About Eye Kits

Politics of Pretty: Eye KitsFrom top: Christian Dior Eye Essentials Kit, $59; Benefit Cosmetics Peek-a-Bright eye illuminating kit, $32; Almay Intense Smoky-i Kit, $7.

Aside from a few of my favorite singular eyeshadow staples, I live for mini eye makeup kits. Mainly because, I’m no pro when it comes to creating sultry eyes. Inspiration for this post came when I received a little package from Benefit Cosmetics and the August launch of its Peek-a-Bright eye kit. Most eye kits pack at least three shadows, a mini brush and a compact mirror; a makeup trifecta for those on-the-go and like to live by the basics. This kit is all about illuminating your eyes so they included a pearly pink highlighter and a concealer mini brush, not to mention a tips n’ tricks tutorial for beginners. For the more eye-advanced, try Dior’s Eye Essentials kit which packs five shadows, two eyeshadow brushes and even a mini mascara for those classic Dior show stopping lashes. And of course, a budget friendly favorite: Almay Intense Smoky-i Kit, available in three finishes for every eye color. What’s your favorite eye kit?