7 Spring Skincare Essentials for Women

Spring skincare essentials for women

How to transition your skincare from winter to spring

You’ve probably already swapped your winter coat for a jean jacket, but have you updated your spring skincare routine?

With warmer weather come higher temperatures, humidity and harmful UV rays. Your skincare requires an adjustment. I’m sharing my seven spring skincare essentials that will help your skin transition more seamlessly.

Update your skincare routine with these essential swaps:


For the spring and summer season you’ll want to steer clear of creamy cleansers and opt for a lightweight, gel formula. A slightly more acidic cleanser will keep your skin clean and sweat-free throughout the day. The same thing goes for removing makeup – use a light option like micellar water. I find that using micellar water makes me a lot less prone to breakouts.


Our skin naturally produces more oils and retains moisture better than in the colder months. A lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly and has ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid will help keep skin looking healthy and glowy.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet is my go-to for the warmer months. It’s a gel-cream formula and it has a subtle, refreshing scent. Another alternative is this face oil from Drunk Elephant. Albeit expensive, it will make skin feel ultra soft and hydrated too, especially after exfoliating. And if you like a moisturizer with a little glow to it then you should get the Priming Moisturizer from First Aid Beauty.


Spring is a time when you want to remove dead skin cells to reveal a more rejuvenated, youthful appearance. A gentle physical exfoliator will slough away dead skin whereas chemical exfoliants use acids to dissolve the cells.

I tend to switch between the two. This M-61 PowerGlow Peel works well for my sensitive skin (start by using it once a week and then slowly build). If you’re into organic products, you’ll love this luxurious Pearl Mud Exfoliant, which also doubles as a detox mask.


SPF is the key to healthy skin that will keep dark spots and fine lines at bay. Similar to exfoliators, there are chemical and physical sunscreens, it’s just a matter of what you prefer.

When I’m layering it under makeup, I prefer a chemical sunscreen. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen also helps minimize my large pores. I also like the scent of this one from Glossier. When I go makeup free or plan to spend a decent amount of time outside, I’ll lather up with Alchimie Forever Protective Day Cream.


It’s often referred to as the fountain-of-youth potion that will turn back the clock on your face and strengthen your skin barriers. You can still use retinol during the spring season, just try to apply it at bedtime instead of the morning.

I’m slowly but surely incorporating retinol into my routine and I think The Ordinary is the best, most affordable option.

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