State of the Face: Blush Med Institute

Bethesda just stepped up its beauty game with the arrival of Blush Med Institute, a fabulous, lux meets affordable med spa that offers high-grade quality skincare services and treatments in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. I was invited to experience the new beauty hot spot with a consultation and treatment that fell nothing short of awesome. Instead of a standard review, I’m sharing five awesome things I took away from this new and innovative concept.


1. Skincare appointments should never make you nervous. As someone who HATES going to the dentist, eye doctor, GYN… you name it, health related appointments always make me nervous. But walking in to Blush was easy because I felt comfortable thanks to fun and girly atmosphere. The staff is extremely friendly and Dr. Lamba, the brainchild behind Blush, is not your typical doctor. Her office is inviting and I felt like I was chatting with my best gal pal (one who happens to have an extensive medical background).

Dr. Lamba

2. Just because you have great skin on the surface, doesn’t mean you don’t need a medical treatment. I thought I had a near-perfect complexion but after a bSkin assessment with Dr. Lambda, a bSkin scanner with a black light discovered TWO sun spots and major dehydration under my eyes. I seriously looked like a witch from Hocus Pocus. It was terrifying. But don’t worry—there’s a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

3. Results don’t happen after just one treatment… it takes time and it requires a regimen. I work in digital marketing full-time and if there’s one thing I always stress to my clients, it’s that results don’t happen overnight. And that’s the same philosophy Dr. Lambda has for skincare. Because of the sun spots Dr. Lamba found, she recommended a polishing microdermabrasion (a mild exfoliation treatment that reveals brighter, healthier skin), but my sun spots certainly didn’t disappear. It takes a combination of the right products to protect my skin (like Blush’s Sun-Tastic SPF 45) and a steady sequence of treatments to see significant results.

Blush Med

Blush Med

4. Personalized skincare is a must. Dr. Lamba says, “If we can customize our jeans, why can’t we customize our skin products?” And she’s totally right! After my bSkin assessment Dr. Lamba wrote a “prescription” for what I need to help treat that major dehydration under my eyes. Blush Blends is a three-step process to customized skincare, which includes your base product, boosters and aromatherapy. Dr. Lambda selected the base product (for me, it was an eye gell) and then selected my benefits (hydrating, luminosity and antioxidant). Then, I got to select an aromatherapy oil of my choice (I chose the Rose Floral Water, which is a soothing scent I can use at night before bed). And if that’s not customized enough, the product literally has your name on it.

5. Spa treatments don’t have to be expensive and/or only for the rich. I think it’s common for women to think facials, massages and other spa treatments are only luxuries we should treat ourselves to once in a while, but at Blush Med, that is simply not the case! Blush has an affordable membership program for just $59 a month, which includes one core treatment of your choice (think facials, medical microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and light therapy) in addition to discounted upgrades, preferred appointment times, birthday gifts, and $5 eyebrow waxings. Yes, $5 eyebrow waxings! Needless to say, if you’re a skincare/spa junkie, this package will certainly save you some money without sacrificing a quality experience.

Photo credit: Naiffer Photography

Blush Med Institute gifted me with a complimentary skin assessment, treatment and specially blended skincare products but all opinions in this post are my own.