5 All Natural Beauty Products You Need This Winter

Bitter cold temperatures have arrived and it’s a winter beauty wonderland mess on my vanity right now. From soothing lotions to moisturizing lip balms, it takes a village, a village I tell ya, to keep my skin smooth and hydrated this season. Check out my top five all natural beauty products you need to try:

5 All Natural Beauty Picks

The scent alone is an easy excuse to apply Kiss My Face Pomegranate Acai Moisturizer daily. But yes, soft skin in the dry, cold winter is a must too.

I’m not going to lie, my hair salt sprays from summer are collecting dust on my dresser but what I like about John Masters Organics Sea Mist is that it doesn’t scream summer. The lavender essential oil also combats drying effects so no awkward crinkled textured hair for you!

I’m constantly coating my lips in Soothing Touch Vanilla Chai Lip Balm. needs caffeine when I’ve got a cup of chai tea on my lips?

Holiday parties call for sparkly eyeshadow, bright lipstick and a luminous glow. But it all starts with a fresh face. Wash the season off your face and stick to the basics. South of France has a line of delicately scented soaps that are packed with moisturizing properties (a la palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter) for a smooth finish.

I like no love, my multitasking beauty products and Argan Oil is no exception. Use it on your  face, skin, nails, you name it, it smooths skin without clogging pores.

You can shop and sample my all-natural winter beauty picks above and more at Dawson’s Market, a locally focused and independent natural foods market in Rockville (they have tester products for everything in the beauty aisle, which I love!).  Join me and Lara from The Glossarie next Wednesday, December 4th for a #BeautyDetoxParty from 6-8PM. I’ll be doing beauty demos using fresh produce (think easy DIY banana honey masks and delicious brown sugar lip scrubs) to keep your skin in check this winter. And stay tuned for a special giveaway I’ll announce on Monday, December 2nd on the blog!

Beauty Detox Event

This post is sponsored by Dawson’s Market but as always, all opinions are my own.