2016 Beauty Resolutions

Beauty Resolutions - Politics of Pretty

Happy New Year! 2015 was filled with so many life changes for me—starting with another apartment move, a new job and oh yeah, getting married! This post has become a tradition for me. I love re-visiting old resolutions and seeing if I followed through. Here’s an update on my 2015 resolutions and a look at my top beauty resolutions.

1. Take a makeup artistry class.
Complete fail. Again.

2. Take my vitamins.
I was so good about this for the first half of the year and then…

3. Give my brows more love and attention.
Success! I’ve actually grown out my bangs so I had to give my brows more TLC. I discovered some really great products along the way like my Glossier Boy Brow.

4. Find my signature scent.
Half win. While I’m not sure I’ll ever find my signature scent, I did find myself spritzing Clinique Happy lately.

5. Eat healthy. Be healthy.
I think this is a resolution that I will always be striving for. While working out has definitely been an integral part of my routine, it’s much harder to cut out specific foods that you have weaknesses for. Read: ice cream, goat cheese, etc.

Here are my 2016 beauty resolutions

Mask more. I do a decent job of keeping my skin hydrated but this year I want my complexion to glow.

Clean up my beauty closet. It’s a little out of control right now.

Clean my makeup brushes more often.

Perfect my eyeshadow application skills. There’s a reason I’ve only been applying eyeliner lately and that needs to change.

Take better care of my tresses. Well, more like find my holy grail of shampoo & conditioner.

I’d love to know: what do you plan to resolve in 2016?

Photo by Stacy Bauer