Happy New Year & 2014 Beauty Resolutions

Happy New YearHappy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful NYE. I rang in 2014 with my boyfriend and his friends in a log cabin in-the-middle-of-nowhere, Pennsylvania. It was actually really refreshing compared to previous years spent in crowded bars (and shelling out tons of $$$). Another year has come and gone. Seems like just yesterday I was setting resolutions for 2013. Here’s an update on how those resolutions went:

1. Incorporate never-tried-before beauty brands in to my makeup routine.

Well, this resolution was easy! I discovered so many new brands and I can’t wait to see what I discover in 2014.

2. Apply eye cream… every. single. night.

Fail. I was consistent for the first few months but I need to tack this on to my 2014 beauty resolutions. Otherwise, the wrinkles will catch up.

3. Invest in a complete set of quality makeup brushes.

Success! My makeup brush set has dramatically changed thanks to a mighty investigative report I did earlier this year .

4. And on that note, clean my makeup brushes as often as my bras.

Not sure I washed them as often as my bras, but I definitely take much better care of my brushes and sponges!

5. Perfect the winged eyeliner look. 

Success! After many YouTube tutorials, I think I’ve mastered the cat eye (but there’s always room for improvement.) 

6. Treat myself to one spa treatment this year.

Well, this one was easy. I was treated to three really great spa treatments this year (a relaxing facial at the Alchimie Forever showroom, a massage at Parma Spa and an amazing full body scrub and wrap at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort).

7. Attempt at least one DIY nail art tutorial.

Mission accomplished. I actually tried two this year: a nude with gold tips mani and these Maybelline nail art stickers (OK, an easy short cut to DIY).

8. Turn my cluttered stash of beauty products and samples in to an organized Vogue-like beauty closet.

My beauty stash is a hot mess. I’ve got nail polish in my sock drawers! I’ll get back to you on this one later this year…

9. Learn how to properly curl my hair (don’t worry, I won’t blame you have second thoughts about bookmarking this blog).

I’m going to blame this resolution on my lack of owning a great curling iron, not my hair curling skills thanks to being introduced to the Jose Eber Clipless Curling Iron (one of my top ten favorite products of 2013).

10. Drink more water.

Proud to share I rarely drink sodas these days. This is going to be a staple beauty resolution for me though.

Here are my beauty resolutions for 2014:

1. Take a makeup artistry class (or two).

2. Moisturize every. single. day.

3. Explore and incorporate more all natural and vegan beauty products in to my makeup routine. Recommendations are welcome!

4. Carry less products in my purse (I overpack on a daily basis).

5. Stop chipping my nail polish two days after I apply it. Bad beauty habit!

6. Find my *perfect red* lipstick.

7. Go Julianne Moore red. Right now on the spectrum, I’m at Amy Adams red.

What do you plan to resolve in 2014?

Photo courtesy of Pinterest via Hello Giggles