Wedding Talk: Money Doesn’t Grow on Bouquets

Wedding Thoughts

I’ve realized that the most difficult part about wedding planning is budgeting. WeddingWire has a helpful calculator but when I share my budget with different vendors, they tell me that price point is unrealistic. Let’s just get to it. Why are weddings so damn expensive? Last night I ended up in tears after I calculated how much everything is going to cost for our wedding. Notice I didn’t say wedding of our dreams. Let’s be real people—the wedding of our dreams would cost at least three times as much. I’m remembering what that rude wedding planner told me earlier this  year is coming back to haunt me. She told me with my budget, I could not afford a wedding in DC. I’m worried she might be right. It’s the market. It’s the bridal industry. It’s the fact that society makes this huge deal about throwing larger than life weddings because it’s “once in a lifetime.” But it’s just one day! Vendors hike up their prices because it’s for  a wedding. While we have been able to cut corners on certain aspects, it hasn’t made much of an impact. I feel like I spent last month crowdfunding my wedding. Do I take my chances at the casino or on a scratch-off? I made a vow to myself that I would not go in to debt for my wedding. I’d rather place my bets on a debt-free and happy marriage than go broke just for one day.

What are your thoughts on budgeting for a wedding? Any financial advice for me?

Photo by Lauren Peele Photography via 100 Layer Cake