Top 5 Best Dainty Earrings for Everyday

The best dainty earrings for everyday

Sometimes, basic is best. If you’re looking to upgrade or update your everyday jewelry, keep reading for my recommendations for the best dainty earrings for the everyday minimalist.

Back in March, I got my ears pierced! I got my 3rd hole piercing in my left ear and technically got my 2nd hole re-pierced in my right ear (my original piercing closed up and was pierced at a weird angle). To keep a long story short—never ever go to Claire’s to get your ears pierced. Stay away from piercing guns and go see a professional body piercer.

Anyways, my new ear piercings inspired me to shop for some new jewelry. I’ve always gravitated towards dainty earrings and wanted to build a wardrobe that I would actually use and rotate for everyday wear. I’ve posted some photos of me wearing my favorite dainty earrings IRL below.

Here are my top five best dainty earrings for everyday


If you want a pair of earrings for truly everyday wear, this is it. I’m obsessed with my geometric gold vermeil huggies. The geometric shape makes them a little more edgy and unique, which I love. The hinge is secure – even in bed. I used to never sleep in earrings but that’s what I love about huggies, they are so comfortable to sleep in. Because of the material, they do still require a certain amount of care since they are not 14k gold.


These are a nice alternative if you have a bit more feminine style and love a classic, timeless look. Whether you love studs or hoop styles, pearls will elevate any outfit and make you look sophisticated. I have a pair of freshwater pearl huggies that I snagged from Madewell for only $22!


I didn’t realize single studs were a ‘thing’ until now but talk about a genius idea. Who says you need matching earrings for everyday? I recently purchased a single diamond stud (on 14k gold posts) from Leia Collection and while it was pricey, I love that I have a gorgeous earring to last a lifetime. Single studs look best on 2nd or 3rd hole piercings and look great for an everyday ear stack. I also love my 14k gold ball studs I found on Easy.


A small or medium size hoop is quintessential to any woman’s earring wardrobe. In my collection, I have a variety of tube hoops, chunky hoops and front facing hoops. I love these front-facing hoops that also double as tiny triangle studs. It’s simple enough for everyday but still chic for date nights. I’ve had these for gold-plated beauties for two years and haven’t noticed any tarnishing. Mejuri also has a nice selection of 14k gold hoops in various sizes too for a reasonable price.


For a personalized addition to your ear party, gemstones are a sure way to add more color to your ear party. Kendra Scott offers a bunch of earrings in a variety of colors and textures. I’ve been on the hunt for ruby earrings (my birth month) but for now, these dangly sapphire hoops work for any occasion. These Missoma rhodochrosite hoop earrings are on my wish list right now.

If you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, make sure to check out my list of the best minimalist jewelry brands to shop for every budget.

Below are some new and old IRL snaps of me wearing some of my favorite earrings. Shop my favorite dainty earrings below!

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