The Perils of Shopping Sober

Let me start by confessing this: I am the most indecisive shopper you will ever meet. Doesn’t matter if I’m deciding between something that’s $10 or $100. Once I start debating if I should buy that piece of clothing or pair of shoes, don’t expect me to make a decision at that moment. Give me a day, heck even three and chances are, I’ll still contemplate before I pull out my wallet. Ah, the perils of shopping sober. I guess I get that from my mom. She buys and returns shit like it’s her job. Except I hate returning items (especially the expensive ones)—good for my wallet, not necessarily good for my conscious.

Beyond the Pale

Anyways, give me a couple cocktails, drop me off at the mall, and I will leave with many shopping bags. Case in point: last Friday I met up with one of my best friends from college for dinner and drinks. Post dinner, we darted for the new H&M at Chevy Chase Pavillion. The damage under the influence: two pairs of flats, one sweater, a cardigan, a blouse, and a sock bun holder (the accessory stands next to the cash registers always get me!). I woke up with no buyer’s remorse (or hangover). Call me a repeat offender but it happened again. Saturday night called for dinner with my boyfriend’s parents. The restaurant we went to happened to be located at a shopping center next to a brand new Marshall’s. One full glass of red wine later (I know I’m a lightweight), I picked up this really cute Michael Kors green blouse. I was two for two this past weekend and it felt great.

The results of shopping not so sober at H&M

What I scooped up at H&M last Friday

I’m not encouraging anyone to get plastered before they head to their favorite store— just merely suggesting if you’re an indecisive shopper like myself, a glass or two of wine might help. Cheers!

Do you like to shop under the influence?