Spring Handbag Wish List

Luxury Handbag Wishlist

Interrupting your regularly scheduled beauty posts with another obsession of mine—handbags.

I told myself last year I was all “bagged out” after I splurged on my black leather Gucci Marmont flap. I know I don’t need more bags but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy lusting after more purses I wish I could own. Spring is right around the corner and I’m seriously crushing on neutral arm candy (think dusty blues, pale pinks and beige). This is my spring handbag wish list.

1. Ever since I got my black leather Gucci Marmont flap bag, I fell in love with the style and everyday ease of use (the bag is feather light). I’ve heard so many positive reviews of the nude color. However, the Gucci Marmont flap is such a trendy bag and I don’t want to pay retail price so I’m hoping I can buy this nude leather flap pre-loved. Which brings me to option 2…

2. The nude leather Gucci bag in the small size is hard to find, but there is another much smaller and cheaper option in the same color. The super mini is cute but strictly a crossbody bag. My hope is to use this throughout spring and summer and usually I like to pack on the lighter side so maybe the smaller option will do.

3. The thought of actually wanting a beige Chanel flap is daunting when you read reviews from people complaining about color transfer and scuff marks. I know I’ll be less concerned about using a beige Chanel flap if I buy a vintage pre-loved treasure (scuff marks give a bag character). I’ve seen pre-owned beige flaps for as low as $1500 on consignment sites so I have faith.

4. If you could peek into my handbag collection, you would notice that most of them are small cross body bags. I’ve been eyeing this Chloe suede/leather bag for a while. This color is referred to as light gray but I think it looks like a pale blue. Either way, I know I would use this when running errands.

5. I love the ladylike structure of this Givenchy leather satchel. I’ve never owned a Givenchy bag so I can’t speak to the craftsmanship, but based on looks alone, this one has me swooning. I work in a more business casual environment so I don’t know realistically how often I would use this but it looks like the perfect bag for work!

6. I’ve always had a crush on the Chanel CC Filigree Vanity Case bag. Traditionally, a vanity case is meant to carry and store makeup essentials but this one was transformed into an everyday bag that fits much more than makeup. I love the shape of this bag and being a beauty blogger, I feel like this fits my lifestyle perfectly. The small size retails for $3100 so maybe I’ll get lucky on a scratch off this year or can purchase pre-loved.

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Let me know what is currently on your spring handbag wish list!