Shu Uemura x Murakami Oil Shampoo

Shu x Murakami Oil Shampoo - Politics of Pretty

Although the holidays are over, the limited edition holiday sets are really the gift that keeps on giving…until they sell out.  I was an art history major in college so I’m especially drawn to Shu Uemura’s collab with contemporary Japanese artist Murakami. The hair products are cult favorites, and ones that I use on a weekly basis, just repackaged in a totally fab way. The oil shampoo, which sounds counter-intuitive, is actually a godsend that has completely revamped the way I look at hair products since I started using it in college. The oil shampoo keeps the oils I want in my hair for bounce and shine, while cleansing away the bad gunk that makes hair look piecey and gross. Which leads me to the Essence Absolue, which is a styling oil that I comb through wet hair for shine and just overall loveliness. Pounce quickly, because these products are limited edition and will give your hair and vanity a face-lift.

—Kait Clark