In Hairstyles We Trust: Romantic French Twist Tutorial


I rarely wear my hair up in a ponytail, let alone an updo. I really do not want to wear an updo on my wedding day. I want Veronica Lake waves pinned to one side and a vintage pin (yes, I’m very specific at just one year out). But I’m aware of some of the common pros and cons to wearing your hair down. That said, if by chance I decide to do an updo, I would happily oblige to wearing a modern French twist. That dreamy, slightly disheveled, piecey look is equal parts sexy and chic and would go so well with my dress. This hairstyle really doesn’t require much product—just a bevy of pins depending on how thick your hair is. I’m very partial to Bumble and Bumble styling products like their Dryspun Finish for an airy look. Like what you see above? I’m sharing a simplified French twist tutorial over on Glitter Guide here.