5 Questions with DKNY PR Girl Aliza Licht

Aliza Licht is one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter (her @DKNYPRGirl handle boasts close to half a million followers but I also love reading her tweets from @AlizaLicht). Why? Because she’s not afraid to say what most people are thinking. I also love her live-tweets during Revenge and Scandal. And her bad ass blog. Aliza’s witty and honest posts have made her a household name in the fashion and social media industry (she recently just scored a book deal!), so it was no surprise she drew quite a crowd to Tysons Galleria for her meet and greet. Aliza is such a sweetheart in person. (I know some of my readers are aware I used to work for a magazine in DC, but I can’t tell you how many times I interviewed jaded, rude, impatient notables.) I can tell she genuinely LOVES her job and mentoring young people. I had five minutes with the social media maven and luxury publicist before her Q&A session. We chatted about her days living in the DMV (the UMD grad reminisced going to Sante Fe and shopping in Georgetown), career advice and of course, beauty.

Aliza Licht


What advice do you have for bloggers when it comes to branding through the blog and social media?

“You have to know who you are to start. Make a mood board and put on it what you envision. If it were a person, what would it look like? Stick to a plan. Find your niche and hone that, and not be like, ‘me too, me too!’”

What’s your favorite makeup product for fall?

“I got this amazing palette from Chantecaille—Wild Horses—it’s got all these bronze-y colors and I’m obsessed.”

Favorite cocktail?

“This sounds so cliché but I love a good Cosmo. I hate the glass though because I always spill the drink.”

What are your favorite blogs/websites you like to read?

“Bag Snob, Fashionista, Refinery29, Bryanboy, and Tom and Lorenzo.”

Describe yourself in one hashtag.

“#Energetic (as fueled by Starbucks).”

Aliza Licht

Two redheads walk in to Tysons Galleria…

(I chose to crop part of my head off because I wanted to make sure my shoes made it in. #Priorities. )