Prayers for Boston <3

I couldn’t bring myself to hit the publish button this morning, without first acknowledging the horrific tragedy that happened yesterday in Boston. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and everyone affected by this senseless act of terror. One of my cousins is an avid runner and participates in marathons all over the country, so I immediately thought of him, knowing he was probably running in the Boston Marathon. Thankfully, he is safe, but I can’t stop thinking about the hundreds of people that were injured and those who have passed. I also couldn’t be more grateful and inspired by the men and women who ran towards the chaos in hopes of saving a life while risking their own. It’s incredible in a time of enormous grief and chaos, the amazing human beings, both near and far, were helping any way they could.

My news feed on Google, Facebook and Twitter was flooding with information, quotes and sincere thoughts but this one stuck out to me: “Donate blood. If you can’t donate blood, donate money. If you can’t donate money, donate time. And tell those close to you that you love them.”