You’re More Than a Job (Or a Blog)

“Failure is integral to success.”

Back in November, I received an email from a writer for SELF magazine. In more or less words, she told me that she was working on a story about how to “fail forward,” and she had somehow Googled her way to my blog and wanted to interview me for her article. I think we can all agree, when someone from a national lifestyle publication requests a quick phone call, you take it. I had no idea it would make it in the January issue of the magazine, but it did. I also had no idea what the article would entail, but this is one feature I’m going to save in my binder full of magazine tears (not just because my name is in it, but yes, I will be extra careful how I rip it out) because I love its message.

[To quickly recap: I used to work for a glossy luxe DC publication out of college (a job I loved and adored) and after almost two years there I was let go. It wasn’t a massive layoff, and I was singled out by a really evil woman (the back story to that isn’t even worth dwelling on) but ultimately, the lay off was a knife in my aspiring magazine editor dreams and a reminder that no matter how admirable your work ethic may be, you can still get screwed over. There’s probably a classier way of saying that but… you get the idea. Anyways, I was jobless for eight months and they were a dreadful eight months. I watched a lot of Law & Order SVU and I felt worthless. Except of course, when I was working on my blog. It was a blessing in disguise because not only did it give me something to do, but it clarified what I was really good at and what I wanted in my next job. Looking back, I’m not sure Politics of Pretty would’ve evolved in to what it is now if I hadn’t of been laid off.]

Kara Manos - Politics of Pretty - Self Magazine January 2014

Anyways, the message I want to share with you is that being laid off or fired shouldn’t define who you are (unfortunately, I let it define who I was for eight months when I was unemployed). It’s a chapter in my life that taught me all those cheesy life lessons and I’m totally grateful for it. It pushed me to work harder, it motivated me to keep writing and it inspired me to appreciate the little things in life.

Lately I haven’t been blogging daily and as much as I give myself hell for not posting, much of it has been due to lack of inspiration, my demanding full-time job, time I’d rather spend with my boyfriend and friends, and so on. I could care less about monetizing my blog, creating gift guides or more time consuming stuff. I blog because I love to blog. And I do it because I feel like it.

You’re more than a job or a blog and I encourage you to read this article, “The Only Way to Succeed… is to Fail, Fail Again.” It’s a friendly reminder that success doesn’t always happen if you don’t fail at least once. And remember, you’re more than a job (or a blog).

And thank you, Sarah Mahoney, for sharing my story. I tend to ramble on the phone and you captured my ‘fail forward’ moment so well.