Pineapples & Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream

Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream - Politics of Pretty

I’ve super picky about the texture of my night cream. If it’s too heavy, I break out and if it’s too light, my complexion dries up quickly. I guess you can call me Goldilocks, because I found one nighttime cream that is justtt right.

I’ve been using Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream religiously. I mean, this brand is killing it in the affordable skincare department, if you missed my recent post. This fast-absorbing nighttime essential smells of sweet mango butter, lavender, lemon and bergamot, thus probably the reason why I’m so quick to fall asleep lately. Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream is the perfect balance—it feels incredibly soft and moisturizing, but not smothering—it melts into my skin and that faint smell of lavender oil is instantly calming.

Which brings me to another nighttime favorite, my pineapple sleep mask. Long gone are the days of counting sheep!

Anyways, if you’re in the market for an easy and affordable one-step night cream, you can purchase the product here for just under $25.