On File: Ciate Shell Manicure

Ciate Shell Manicure

Can’t go to the beach this summer? No worries. You can bring the beach to your nails with Ciate Shell Manicure. Known for their easy and fun DIY nail art kits, you can now embellish your digits with real crushed seashells for the prettiest pearlescent mani. Ciate gifted me with “Wish Upon a Starfish,” a white iridescent polish and what a perfect time to test out this kit than when I was at the beach last week. The process is pretty simple. Just a couple coats of the paint pot and then a quick finger dip in to a bowl filled with the crushed seashells (the kit includes a funnel to capture any excess spill), before sealing the look with a quick drying top coat. Most nail art can be over-the-top but this kit is equal parts laid-back and chic, perfect for anyone that’s a nail art beginner. If you don’t want to coat each finger with seashells, try just one accent nail. Oh, and be careful that you don’t let the crushed seashells snag on any delicate piece of clothing you happen to be wearing that day.

Ciate Shell Manicure, $25