Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only

Good vibes only. This week has turned in to the best week ever. I got engaged, I got a promotion at work and I signed a lease for a new apartment with my fiancé! It’s true, good things come in threes.

The next time you’re recreating a DIY makeup tutorial… use this. I mean it’s just genius!

On my bucket list of places to travel to: Marrakech. Thanks to this six-part series (featuring camels!) on Samantha’s blog.

I knew I wasn’t the only girl, flipping through my J.Crew catalog, wondering how those models maintained an effortless dewy glow. Thanks for the awesome model makeup revelation, Refinery29.

So I totally made a “secret” board on Pinterest that was all wedding inspiration related eons ago (I mean, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do). I kid you not, the day I got engaged, I immediately switched it to public.

Lately I’ve been obsessing over pretty silk scarves. Terracotta New York recently gifted me with their Sable Starfish silk chiffon scarf in creamsicle. It’s incredibly lightweight and a much needed accessory for my spring wardrobe. Look out for an upcoming post on this line next week!