Friday Link Love

Kara Manos - Blogger - Politics of Pretty

I just heard the news that Estee Lauder’s millennial-driven line, Edit, is coming to an end. If you’re like me, you’re probably like, “what line?” Yeah. And then I was like, “oh right, the line promoted by Kendall Jenner!” I remember receiving a press package when it first debuted but don’t recall being enamored with any of the products. You can read the full brand statement here.

I stumbled upon this tip sheet a while back, but basically Patrick Ta, makeup artist to Gigi Hadid and Oliva Munn, dishes on some pretty awesome makeup tips for keeping your look dewy, light and fresh. I highly recommend you bookmark this!

I took this fun little beauty quiz on BuzzFeed: Can you shop at Sephora without blowing your budget? I was able to stay under budget and spend $301, but I have an unfair advantage since I know some of these products very well.

If you are tuned into the blogging community, then you might be aware of the drama going down on the internet. Alina Gonzalez, former editorial director, is speaking her truth on her social channels about why she was fired from Cupcakes & Cashmere. I read GOMI often, but this news even got attention on Jezebel. I have SO much to say, starting with this: how Emily Schuman and her husband handled this situation with Alina was absolutely inappropriate and disrespectful. As business owners, they should know better. I am 100% hashtag team Alina. Many commenters on Jezebel and GOMI are jumping to conclusions/not understanding the issue behind this. I highly recommend you watch her full IG story to understand what happened.

Photo by Kimberly Graydon