L’eau Down: Folle de Joie Eau de Parfum

Folle de Joie review - Politics of PrettyThe scent: Joie Folle de Joie Eau de Parfum 

The story: Folle de Joie—which means “crazy with joy”— is a fragrance that transports you to the beaches of California or the romantic streets of Paris.

The notes: It has a distinct blend of woodsy and floral notes

In three words: Playful, fresh and floral

My thoughts: I first remember trying this scent when I subscribed to Birchbox. It wasn’t until I recognized the scent on a co-worker at my 9 to 5. I’ve always been the first to confess that I have never had a signature scent. But this fragrance has flipped me. I can’t get enough of this woody and floral fragrance. It’s strong enough to leave a lasting impression and light enough not to disturb any small space or cubicle. I spray on my pulse points for a long-lasting effect and I’ve been applying the hand cream in the morning and at night. Here’s the kicker though—Joie discontinued the fragrance. It’s got a hefty price tag but I swear, it’s worth every penny. And yes, it’s become my signature scent for spring and summer.

***6/7/2017 Update*** Good news everyone! Joie has restocked Folle de Joie! You can now purchase it here.

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