Link Love: Jo Malone Orange Blossom & SPF Essentials

Jo Malone Orange Blossom

Image via Mowielicious on Pinterest

I can’t get enough of Jo Malone Orange Blossom┬ácologne… brings me back to my honeysuckle picking days.

Before you apply makeup, check your eye shape first. This article made think twice about how I apply eye makeup.

Have you stocked up on sunscreen yet? I’m liking this round-up of head-to-toe SPFs.

I’ve been eyeing this gorgeous white leather sleeve jacket by Vince. Sadly, my wallet isn’t.

All unpaid internships can be tricky situations, but this unpaid intern story makes me realize just how shady some companies are. I hope she wins.

To my fellow bloggers, have you checked out Visually? I’m slightly obsessed with this easy infographic creation website.

French Toast Crunch cereal, chokers and Tamagachis. Thanks BuzzFeed for the stroll down memory lane. #FlashbackFriday

Happy Friday!