How To Shape Eyebrows

There are those weeks, you know, between your brow threading/waxing/shaping appointments where your brows are almost ready for a clean-up… but not quite. Brow shaping at home is easy… if you know what you’re doing. Consider this the lazy girl’s guide on how to shape eyebrows at home. Some of these tips may be unconventional but I’ve found this is what works best for me (and my lazy beauty habits).

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

First, don’t use a magnifying mirror. Super close-ups of your brows may lead you to over-plucking. This may sound crazy but I actually prefer plucking my brows in my car. It’s the natural lighting I tell ya. If plucking brows in your car isn’t your thing, use a mirror in a well-lit room in your house.

Ditch the pencil trick when it comes to determining your ideal shape and use Anastasia Beverly Hills “The Golden Ratio” technique. Instead of trying to measure the angle of your brows, these stencils shows you your ideal shape by allowing most of your natural brow hair through the cut out without leaving too much skin exposed. Then you’ll know to only remove the hairs that fall above or below your stencil. I use these stencils all the time and it saves me so much time and anxiety as opposed to holding up a pencil and measuring.

With a spoolie brush, brush eyebrow hairs upward. Trim any tiny hairs that are longer than usual.

If you have a low threshold for pain, I highly suggest tweezing after you shower and AFTER your period is over. Tweezing can be painful right before Aunt Dot comes to visit and tweezing post-shower opens up follicles so it’s easier to remove unwanted strays. Also, make sure you grab the right kind of tweezers. Sharp, slanted tweezers will grab those stray hairs and won’t pinch your skin.

Fill in sparse spots with a pencil, tinted fiber gel or powder. Set your refreshed brows with a clear gel. This will also prevent smudging. You can check out my post on my favorite brow tools and products here for recommendations.

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