How to Layer Scents with Commodity Goods

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I consider myself to be a fair-weather fragrance lover. I don’t necessarily buy bottles and bottles of different fragrances because I typically live off sample sizes year-round. Which is why Commodity Goods caught my attention with the way they help lost fragrance souls like myself discover their next favorite scent. I called on the experts at Commodity Goods to pick their brains on how to layer your favorite aromas for the ultimate scent. Custom scents help capture your personality and style, plus gives you the freedom to blend a truly signature scent of your mood.

Commodity’s goal is to make shopping for fragrances easier and more tailored to a modern lifestyle. You can sample all 10 fragrances at home for $9 and then receive a refund for that purchase when you spend $50 or more on 10ml bottles of 100ml bottles of your favorite scents. Each unique scent starts with premium ingredients and is hand-bottled in sunny Southern California.

Before you start to play fragrance scientist, here are a few tips on how to layer scents:

  1. Heavier scents should be sprayed first so they don’t overpower the lighter counterparts.
  2. Creating your own scent is part science, part art. Don’t be afraid to experiment but try and combine fragrances that have a common note.
  3. The top note is what you smell right away when you spray it, the middle note is the heart of the fragrance (usually softer) and the bottom note is what stays with you for hours.

I had so much fun sampling each fragrance. When I shared with the experts how much I loved Gold and Paper, they gave me three fragrance cocktail ideas to help capture my mood.

Golden Ivy: This is a sophisticated and pretty scent. This was my favorite of the three.
2 spritzes of Gold
1 spritz of Ivy
1 spritz of Dew

Red Velvet: This is as delicious as it sounds. Think red velvet cake with hints of chocolate, vanilla and a bit of brulee.
2 spritzes of Ivy
2 spritizes of Gold

Fall Morning: For a more woodsy vibe, this scent captures the season at its best. I love wearing this on the weekends.
1 spritz of Gold
1 spritz of Moss
2 spritzes of Paper

How to Layer Scents - Politics of Pretty

Photography by Kate Ann

Commodity Goods gifted me with a complimentary Women’s Fitting Kit for review purposes. All opinions in this post are my own.