Glossier Cleanser Concentrate Review

Sharing my honest review of Glossier Cleanser Concentrate, a new clarifying face wash with a vegan formula. Keep reading for my thoughts on the packaging, formula and results!

Glossier Cleanser Concentrate Review

Honest Glossier Cleanser Concentrate Review

Glossier Cleanser Concentrate is a clarifying, exfoliating face wash for anyone who wants a deeper, pore-level clean complexion. It promises to give a smoother, brighter, more even looking complexion that will visibly reduce the appearance of pores. It’s a vegan formula using a combination of gentle exfoliators (grape ferment, grape extract, lactic acid, and malic acid). The cleanser is packaged in a glass bottle making it look and feel luxurious, despite the fact it’s only $20 for 3.3 fl oz.

The directions on the bottle advise to massage one to two pumps of the cleanser onto wet skin for 60 seconds in order to allow the ingredients to fully activate on skin. It slowly turns into a light foaming face wash and honestly, it feels really gentle on my skin. The overall appearance of my skin looks great – I haven’t experienced any breakouts from using it either. The cleanser also pairs well with my other Glossier skincare favorites.

The last time I tried an exfoliating face wash was when I tried a sample of the Fresh Strawberry Face Wash and it was a little harsh on my sensitive skin. My skin more oily in the warmer months but my skin also can’t handle daily exfoliation. I’ve been using it every two or three days in the evening and it’s been in my rotation for a little over two weeks and it’s the perfect balance.

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Glossier Skincare Favorites

Other Skincare Favorites from Glossier:

Super Pure Serum: I like all three Supers but right now Super Pure has been a daily ritual. It keeps my pores tight and the niacimide helps alleviate any redness in the morning.

Milky Jelly Cleanser: I like testing different cleansers but somehow I always come back to Milky Jelly. It’s very gentle on my skin type and my face always feels soft and hydrated after using it. Keeping in mind, this is not a great makeup remover (I use micellar water or this cleansing balm to remove face/eye makeup).

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