Gift Guide 2012: The Trendsetter

Now that Thanksgiving has officially come and gone, the shopping, tree lighting and Christmas movies are finally here and I couldn’t be more excited for the holiday season. After some spritzing, brushing and sampling of the latest holiday must-haves, I’m ready to share with you my favorite gift ideas for some common beauty personalities. First up, the trendsetter: she is the ultimate beauty taste-maker. She loves to shop the newest trends and products and keeps up with every brand.

Beauty Gift Guide: The Trendsetter
What she needs: 1. Rebecca Minkoff “Beauty Queen” Cosmetic Pouch, $75. 2. Butter London Lacquer Holiday Glitter Trio, $36. Nectar Skin Bar, 1633 Wisconsin Ave., NW; 3. VS Makeup Hypergloss Eye Shimmer, $14 each. 4. Drybar Gift Coaster, $40. 1825 Wisconsin Ave., NW; 4840 Bethesda Ave., Bethesda 5. Bliss ‘You Butter Watch Out’ Gift Set, $39. Bliss Spa, 515 15th St., NW 6. Benefit Cosmetics Crescent Row Mini Perfume Set, $36. 7. Goody Double-Wear Headwrap, $10.
Up next tomorrow: gifts for the Eco-chic!