On Fashion Washington: Hair Repair Tips

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With fall temperatures right around the corner (well, if we’re lucky), I figured it would be a good time to share some wise words of wisdom when it comes to hair care. Let’s talk about hair repair. If you recently realized your locks have been feeling noticeably drier or lacking shine and luminosity, then chances are you’re experiencing summer hair damage. The sun and heat can do that to your locks. Back in August, I took a trip to the drugstore to stock up on a bevy of hair products. One weekly hair repair treatment purchase later and my tresses has never felt smoother. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t repair damaged hair without a trip to the salon or breaking the bank… better yet, you can repair damaged hair for under $25 or less. From deep conditioning treatments to dual protectant sprays, I’m sharing my favorite hair repair products and tips over on Fashion Washington’s website.

You can read the full post on hair repair tips and tricks here.

Photo by Kate Ann