Everything You Need to Know About Lash Dip

Lash Dip Review - Politics of Pretty
Photo courtesy of LashDip.com

I have this minor obsession about eyelashes. Those long, luminous, high volume, lashes that I’ve always wanted to have. OK, maybe that obsession is not so minor.

I had read about it in Vogue and Elle Magazine, before, and when I heard that Lash Dip was coming to the District, my lashes screamed with excitement.

I had scoured the internet the week of, reading about all the pros and cons of this new lash treatment. But, none of it really mattered when I arrived at my appointment and sat down with Lash Dip connoisseur and Nectar Skin Bar‘s assistant manager, Melissa.

“I’ve had women that say they absolutely love it and keep coming back for more, and women that hated it,” she said. The pros: nicely curled, dark black lashes that really open your eyes. The cons: somewhat flakey, very stiff lashes which could lead to some breakage/falling out.

When Melissa told me this, I was ready to jump off that spa bed and run back to my office. But, I had an editorial duty to fulfill and how on earth could I write about this treatment if I don’t try it first?

Melissa coated each one of my lashes (it felt like a light dusting), reminding myself if something bad happened, they can always be removed. Nothing was painful or even uncomfortable (although my eyes were doing some serious eye twitching).

One and a half coats later, I inspected my revamped lashes in the handheld mirror. Longer, wider, darker. Three small words that made a huge difference on my lashes. I was amazed by the change.

From there, Melissa gave me the run down on my new babies. Don’t remove your make-up with cotton. Use this water-based makeup remover with this gauze. Use these brushes to clean your lashes daily. Use this Lash Seal every two or three days to keep them glossy.

The first few days were spectacular. Everyone seemed to notice a difference. It was especially great to wake up in the mornings before work and realize my makeup routine was already half way done. These lashes gave me a new found confidence and the motivation to go out every night on the weekends.

It was close to two weeks when I realized it was time to go back for a touch-up on my lashes, which would extend my Lash Dip another 14 days. I spent those few days prior, trying to decide if I even wanted to get a touch-up. As much as I loved my uber glossy lashes, they were starting to dwindle. I was also self-conscious about them at night, as I lay on my back, trying to avoid sleeping on my side, fearing they would bend or even break in the middle of the night (yes, they were that stiff).

I arrived at Nectar for my follow-up visit with Melissa and it was then I decided to have them removed. And I have to say, it felt really nice to have my old lashes back.