Earth Angels: Pureology Precious Oil Haircare

I’m a try-haircare kind of gal—meaning, I’ll try any type of hair product at least once. With that though, comes a bevy of different products every time I wash my hair, which I’m sure can scare my tresses to death (yes, my locks have feelings! Just ask them about my horrific haircut experience 3 years ago.) Anyways, when I tested out Pureology’s Precious Shamp’Oil, Conditioner and Softening Hair Masque, I was a little apprehensive, but my results can be summed up in three words: smooth, [extra] shiny and soft. Historically, it’s the first beauty line to be “Green Seal Certified,” meaning it’s 100 percent biodegradable and has minimal environmental impacts, among other eco-conscious standards. The products I tested cater to those with color-treated brittle hair. I actually don’t have color-treated hair so, I had to share this with someone who does; my sister. My favorite product in the line? The hair masque. The deep-conditioning treatment felt like a little spa treatment without the expensive salon price. By far, the perfect remedy for those who suffer excessive dry spells.

Available in salons nationwide; $29-$50;