The Holy Grail Drugstore Body Wash

Aveeno Daily Body Wash Review - Politics of PrettyI think I found the holy grail drugstore body wash. I read great reviews about Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash but to be honest, I never really thought much about a body cleanser. Sure, it’s a part of my daily beauty routine but I never came across a body wash I just couldn’t live without. But now I have. This is one body wash I can’t get enough of. My bottle is almost empty. That never happens. Usually I’m on to something else before I can finish it. Aveeno cleanses skin with Active Natural Colloidal Oatmeal—long known to soothe skin and natural oils. It’s lightly fragranced (a refreshing clean scent) and it isn’t overwhelming but still subtle enough to take notice and I crave it on a daily basis. I typically can work two quarter-size amounts in to a rich lather for my entire body. This may sound weird but I never use a washcloth. I usually use my bare hands or the occasional loofah to wash my body. I’ve always dealt with scaly, dry skin on my elbows but this body wash combined with its Daily Moisturizing Lotion has significantly changed the look and feel of my arms. Post-shower, my skin feels soft and smooth.

As a beauty ambassador for AVEENO, I received a complimentary sample for review purposes. Now that I am totally sold on this body wash, I’m definitely going to the drugstore to buy me some more!