Drugstore Dash: The Ultimate Bronzer Palette

Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Bronzer ReviewIt’s hard these days to find a bronzer without any shimmer. And after interviewing Meg Biram on her favorite makeup products, she mentioned how she’s been using Physicians Formula bronzer palette since college. And perfect timing because it just so happened I had a $1 off coupon on any product from the line (don’t judge, I love me some coupons!).

I could meander through the cosmetic aisle just about all day and after some serious contemplation, I ended up buying the powder palette multi-colored bronzer for all skin types (unfortunately, I didn’t see any left of the bronzer for fair skin tones). What I love about this bronzer is the palette mix and compact shape, not to mention easy to travel with. Leaving a matte finish, I was more than happy with this bronzer, since I like to maintain a natural glow for a day look. It comes with a mini brush and while that was the first thing I applied it with, I ended up going back to my bulky Clinique bronzer brush because let’s face it: the mini brush they packed with this is no bronzer brush. Tapping the brush before you apply is imperative, and if you intend on using the brush they pack under the palette, then I suggest you tap it twice.

Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Bronzer, $12.95