Now & Then: How My Blog Brought Me Back to Life After Getting Laid Off

Politics of Pretty in Washingtonian Magazine

If you haven’t seen the April issue of Washingtonian magazine (or if you don’t live in the area), I was featured in their “Spring Forward” fashion shoot, alongside a bevy of influential DC fashion bloggers (who all look stunning, by the way!). After working in the journalism industry for a few years, I was used to seeing my byline in print, but I have to say, it’s absolutely surreal to see a full-page photo of myself.

I can’t really quite describe how much this feature means to me, because a year ago, I was in the worst state of mind. First of all, Lady Gaga lied to me. Yes, Lady Gaga… there’s a quote by her that basically says, your career will never wake up and tell you it doesn’t love you anymore. Well, she was wrong because I was unceremoniously laid off from my full-time (at the time, my dream job) at a local glossy. I wish I could permanently block out that memory, but I can’t because I was wearing waterproof mascara and I had to take a mental note that it actually worked (it was Maybelline, by the way). I was devastated, to say the least (about the lay off, not the mascara). I spent eight months applying for jobs… 54 to be exact, and it was mentally and physically exhausting. My daily routine became so redundant, and it went something like this: wake up, eat, go to Starbucks, blog, apply for jobs, snack, take a nap, watch Law & Order SVU, blog… and repeat.

Aside from seeing every episode of every season of Law & Order SVU (thank you USA for those Tuesday marathons) and going through a difficult career identity crisis, the best and only thing that really gave me the inspiration to wake up everyday was this beauty blog, my beauty blog. Whether I was shopping for new beauty products or writing about it, as cliché as it sounds, this blog was my escape from the not-so-great things that were going on in my life. Simply put, my blog brought me back to life again. And for that I’m truly thankful, because I don’t think it would’ve led me to this amazing opportunity with Washingtonian. Special thanks to my friend/mentor/former boss/best fashion editor ever, Kate Bennett (I heart you even though you have an absurd collection of fanny packs).