The Brazilian Wax Whisperers at Cera Wax Studio + Reader Discount

Heading to your first Brazilian wax is like a trip to the dentist. You know you may have to endure some discomfort and pain but the end result makes it so worth it. Wait, who am I kidding? Going to the dentist sucks! Getting a Brazilian however, at Cera Wax Studiototally worth it. You would think this beauty blogger has experienced every skin and spa treatment out there but I’m actually a virgin to the Brazilian wax. And I couldn’t think of a better place to experience my first time than at Cera, a waxing-only studio in Bethesda for women and men.

Cera Wax Studio Owners

I met with sisters and co-owners of Cera, Monica and Anna, who introduced me to the hard wax method in the least amount of pain and irritation possible. I’ll admit, I have a low threshold for pain but I promise, if I could make it through a Brazilian, so can you. Monica successfully kept me distracted by asking all the right questions (wedding planning, the blog and more wedding planning), but also educated me with every step of the process. The four step process involves a pre-wax cleanse, a pre-wax oil (or Talc free powder), a wax treatment and a post-treatment serum (to nourish and hydrate skin). You see, hard wax is gentle on those sensitive areas because it simply shrink wraps around the hair so it doesn’t adhere to skin. Basically, this type of wax is a more pleasant experience for your hoo-ha.  Following my Brazilian, Monica and Anna gifted me with two must-have products: The Grapeseed Company Mojito Man Sugar Scrub (to be used 48 hours after the wax) and The Grapeseed Company Lavender Grapeseed Oil.

Cera Wax Studio Bethesda - Politics of Pretty

I’m thrilled to share that the lovely ladies at Cera Wax are currently offering a special discount for my readers. Mention Politics of Pretty and enjoy $25 off your treatment(s) of $50 or more. You can check out the full menu of services here. Offer good through May 31, 2014.

Cera Wax Studio, 4866 Cordell Ave., 3rd Floor, Bethesda; 301-657-2372

Cera Wax Studio gifted me with a complimentary waxing treatment and products but all opinions in this post are my own. And yes, I will be back there in 3 weeks for another Brazilian!